Keeping Safe When Staying in a Hostel

Hostels and other non-hotel forms of accommodation have always been saviours for ardent travellers. They are an inexpensive way to put up for the night, before going sightseeing the next day. Many hostels are usually located close to major tourist sites, which gives a further relief to the budget in terms of transport costs.

Lately, Airbnb has given an even more significant boost to this form of personal accommodation. The online arrangement allows people to see and book places to stay before their actual trip, which again, does away with a lot of stress.

That said, safety is always a concern which threatens to put this model of holiday accommodation to disrepute. A few incidences of people who do not play by the rules, cause fear among people who would like to use these forms of accommodation.

Here are a few ways to ensure you keep safe when staying in a hostel or similar holiday accommodation.

Health Concerns

Always make sure to find out what the health conditions in your hostel of choice are. Do they have a quick response system in case of an emergency? A good hostel should have direct contact with a health professional who can offer advice when needed. In the modern era, this does not have to be a long and complicated process. With a simple mobile app such as livi, a patient is sure to get to a general practitioner just by the tap of a button.

The health concern also revolves around the types of food served at the hostel. Some people, for instance, opt to stay away from non-vegan diets for health reasons. Knowing beforehand the kind of food available is essential to help you have a worry-free holiday.


The security of both you and your property is a significant thing to put into consideration. There have been cases of violent attacks and robberies on hostel premises. This occurs because travellers are usually assumed to be carrying valuable items.

Always make sure you do a background check on a hostel before making a booking. This is easy in the internet age since you can read reviews by people who have been to the place. With reviews, always look for independent assessments, since some businesses pay to get good reviews on their sites.

Once you get to the hostel, inquire further on the systems they have in place to ensure patrons and their luggage remain safe. This will help you decide whether to leave your luggage in your room, deposit it for safekeeping or even haul it whenever you go out.

With these two checks done in every holiday plan, you can always relax when setting out for a vacation.